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i'm a sexy kitten

: eileen.
Age: fourteen.
Birthday: october sixth, 1990.
Sign: libra.
Location: vienna.

Magizine or comic book:
Music Artists:  bright eyes and the used.
Movies: donnie darko and what's eating gilbert grape.
Authors: stephen king and megan mccafferty.
Books: sloppy firsts and the perks of being a wallflower.
Food: cheese pizza.

Music Artists: simple plan and sum 41.
Books: a tell tale heart.
Authors: richard c. remy.
Movies: elephant.
Food: salsbury steak.

[Your opinions on..]
Gay Marriges: personally i think that anybody should be allowed to marry whomever they choose whether it be a man and a man or a women and a women.
Abortions: I'm pro-choice. A women should be able to chose if she would like to have an abortion or not. I just think that is wrong when the women who has sex with the man and gets pregnant doesn't take responsibility for something that she created. You could put the baby up for adoption.
George W. Bush: i don't think that he is such a bad president. he could do better.
John Kerry: i don't like him. i think that he is just really stupid. but george bush is no better then him.
X-Treme Everything: this world would be chaos if everything was to the extreme. sometimes you just need to chill and not be so "extreme".
Labeling people: I'll admitt i do it sometimes. i know it's a thing i should stop doing because it's bad and even though the person you are labeling may not find out you did label them, but it's always going to be in the back of your head and you're going to feel sorry.
Teen Pregnacies: i guess that if they really loved the person and wanted to have a baby with the person it's ok. you should really use protection until you're older and you know that you can handle the repercussions.

[We can contact you on..]
AIM: eileeno112233
MSN: n/a
Yahoo: n/a
Jabber: n/a
ICQ UIN: n/a

Why are you the sex?: i don't know if being sex is possiable. sex is an action. but if i could be sex that'd be pretty sweet.
Why are you a kitty?: i am a kitty because i have two kitties [simba and will]. they're cool.

Do you have any rating communties of your own?: yup. ___________cute
Do you know what the Deathstar does?: It does death!

Two or more pictures of yourself.

i didn't really want my picture taken..

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