Alicia (O.G.) (Minako Van Helsing) (_not_reflected_) wrote in s3xx_kittenz,
Alicia (O.G.) (Minako Van Helsing)

Name: Alicia
Age: 14
Birthday: 10-15-90
Sign: Libra
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Magizine or comic book: Cardcaptor Sakura
Music Artists: Switchfoot, Yellowcard, Ashlee Simpson, Evanescence, Jet, Bowling for Soup
Movies: Van Helsing, Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Underworld
Authors: J.K. Rowling, Daniel Handler, Dan Brown
Books: Harry Potter series, Series of Unfortunate Events, The Da Vinci Code, The Basic Eight
Food: Pocky^^

Music Artists: Hilary Duff. And Hoobastank. But mainly Hilary Duff.
Books: Tom Sawyer, Pollyanna, etc. All those old books that they're making us read for novels.
Authors: Mark Twain
Movies: LOTR, Pirates of the Carribbean
Food: Ham

[Your opinions on..]
Gay Marriges: As long as they're happy, who cares? It's THEIR bedroom.
Abortions: Pro-choice
George W. Bush: Look, in four more years, he won't be allowed to be president. Ever again. We'll survive.
John Kerry: Me thinks he lied. And that he "flip-flopped."
X-Treme Everything: Um... Sure.
Labeling people: I don't think it's a big deal. I do it.
Teen Pregnacies: If you're old enough to be having sex, you're old enough to take the concequences.

[We can contact you on..]
AIM: xx loved and lost
MSN: Nopes
Yahoo: Nopes
Jabber: Nopes
ICQ UIN: Nopes

Why are the sex?: Because I AM! Heh, no. Actually... O.o I don't know. *Blink. Blink* Because... I hate LOTR? Wait, no. That's popular. I hate "Why" questions, dammit.
Why are you a kitty?: Because!! *Another "Why" question.* ...Yeah... Just "Because..." *Dies*
Why are you filling out this application?: Because I have a computer, I have a keyboard, I have LJ access, I know how to type, and because I wanted to. And Reed asked me to join. But I want to, too.

And... Gah. I have no picture. No scanner. No digital camera. *Apologizes.* BUT!! I have dark reddish-blonde hair that's kinda wavy and flippy-ish that's almost to my shoulders. And my eyes are grayish-bluish. And I'm short. Yeah, only about 5'2".... Feh. Umm... Yeah. I don't wear glasses at home, which is where I am now. So. Yeah. XD
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